La Tortura

La Tortura is a series of 37 photographs initiated in 2005 and ended in 2015.

It spans ten years of shooting men from around the world. It draws on the desire for random men spotted in public. From the busy streets of Buenos Aires to the Acropolis, in Greece. From Lima, in Peru, to Lithuania or Brazil. From the busy streets of Paris to the confines of colonial Latin America.

In all these places, photographs were taken as a result of the sudden and unilateral gaze translated into quick, awkward shots. With some of the ‘models’ moving quickly, laying down unexpectedly, or looking up at you with daring innocence, the voyeurist photographer shares an ephemeron and private moment, transforming the viewer also into a voyeur. The men may never know they were such a protagonist, but now we know them.

On the other hand, the image has no aim of replacing or transmitting the desire, as the portraits are far from sexualised. This visual record, which are named after numbers, can only bridge the subjective and subtle meaning of physical attraction, keeping the spectator distant from the original settings and context of each encounter.

“La Tortura” bears reference to this gap between photographer, the models, and the spectator. The photograph is a map to the underground location of desire felt by gay men oftentimes, whose ambitions are most likely frustrated because the men feel no desire for them. This frustration may often feel like torture.

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