Helton Levy

I’m a journalist, academic researcher, and lecturer in media and communications. I am based in London and Rome.

My main research interests lie in understanding forms of counter-hegemonic media in the digital age. I have also covered in my work relevant manifestations of online activism, urban visual culture, Brazil studies, and, more recently, queer media.

My next book is called Globalised Queerness: Global and local influences on LGBTQ+ Media and Culture (Bloomsbury) due in 2023. I also authored The Internet, Politics, and Inequality in Contemporary Brazil: Peripheral Media (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) and several articles on digital media at the margins. My first book (2012) discussed gospel journalism in Brazil. In 2017, I created Reading the a digital archive with texts on post-colonialism and the ‘New World’.

I’ve mainly taught modules related to digital media and society, journalism, intercultural communications, and queer media. A small sample of my students’ production is available here and here.

I am a professional journalist with more than a decade of experience covering world affairs, politics, and culture. I have been based in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, and Mexico, before moving to the UK, then Italy.

I also photograph, and part of my work is available here. Other social linksĀ are on LinkTree. For work or academic inquiries, please use the form below.