Visual Visits

By Helton Levy

As an academic researcher, I always missed the most interesting side of journalism, which is to transform research outcomes into involving stories. What we discovered as scholars often remain obscured in dense, long, paywalled journals that are actually addressed to very few people in the academic world.

The Visual Visits YouTube channel is an attempt at offering high-quality content that could reveal more than simple touring or travel videos do. While many channels are limited to show the surface of places and people, I wanted this to be more than wandering. I leave the dreaming part for the viewers. My intention is to give accurate, historical information and make images that are interesting enough for further exploration by the viewer. Hope you enjoy it.

Some visual stories featured in the series

I visited glimpses of Fascist Rome by showing some of the landmark constructions of the period.

Are cities really destroyed by tourism? I visited Rome’s Trastevere to find another version of the story.

In a brief iteration over central Rome, this visual essay mediates about what constitutes degraded cities.