Contemporary Brazil changed by digital media use

The Internet, Politics, and Inequality in Contemporary Brazil: Peripheral Media

In the first two decades of the 21st century, Brazil went through deep changes in the ways the country debated old inequalities thanks to the Internet. This book chronicles these innovations in the public discourse about poverty and inequality, with a focus to the peripheral population who went to the forefront tell their stories or hack outdated frames about themselves.

Selling queerness around the world

Globalised Queerness: Global and Local Influences on LGBTQ+ Media and Culture

In this book to be launched in 2023, the growing commodification of queer media is analysed against the fluid character of queerness as a concept of the margins. Is the mainstreaming of queerness homogenising queer cultures to create a single way of being queer?The book juxtaposes this debate in a vibrant scenario of queer media, both traditional and emerging formats, inviting the voice of a variety of LGBTQ publics from around the world.

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