What I’ve been writing (1)

A review of the exhibition “Another Kind of Life” at the Barbican

In this review, I focus on the ambitiousness of saying that one can portray “another kind of life”, as there are limitations found in and out of the art world. I welcome the exhibition due to the great names it can gather, and yet I lament the lack of boldness in stressing the contradictions between “marginality” and “fashion”, especially in a time when everything visual is a commodity.

Debunking the myth of “study abroad” for Brazilians

In Brazil, there has been a myth of studying abroad as a way to good job prospects and professional prestige, which is not necessarily false. However, as I point out to in this article, some drawbacks that are not entirely known by the ordinary student. Departing from a story at Folha de S. Paulo in which Brazilian students complain about higher fees recently imposed on them at Coimbra University, I review the “dark” side of the higher education using the case of England. High fees, poorly-paid staff and an increasingly marketised industry, are some of the aspects, on which I invite readers – students and non-students – to reflect if it is indeed what they want to join at such astronomic costs.

Optimists or Uninformed? A reflection about Brazil’s international bloggers and their cosiness in being abroad

I discuss my reading of a few blogs authored by journalists based overseas. Hosted in the some of the country’s most prominent mainstream publications (Folha de S. Paulo and Estado de S. Paulo), I argue that these blogs had the duty to present more critical points as opposed to seeing life abroad as positive and flawless, which confirm myths of inferiority and backwardness, still held by ordinary Brazilians.

Featured image: Marc Chagall I and the Village (1911)



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